Grilled corn ram Dalat, casual dishes favored

Dalat cuisine is famous not only by class cuisine, but also is known for a lot of casual dishes including corn ram Dalat rolls are quite popular winter visitors. To cold countries, the popular dishes such as fried drinks ram Dalat corn flavor characteristics,siewmais bread hot, soy milk is also fuming … to be seen […]


This dish is very popular with people of Dalat, especially restaurant 33 Hai Ba Trung Street. Snail meat is stuffed with lean pork, finely chopped, add a few slices of lemon to deodorant that makes you want to eat as soon as seen this fragrant bowl screws. The main bartender said that the reason this […]


Surely anyone ever come here are not too unfamiliar with tiny bread celebrated Commerce.Bread has always been a small coal stove to heat up the party to keep the crispy, warm, served with a little bowl of spicy trade, little more sour papaya, herbs. You can find the tiny shop bread extremely popular trade in […]


This unique dish is simple but somehow it is not common in many provinces across the country, but only in Da Lat, this new cuisine is widely preferred such people. Dalat to shape to shape made from immature papaya is thin out under the fibrous tissue, beef, beef liver or lungs are simmered beef with […]


Dalat dirt cake like dirt cake Central. Part cakes made from rice flour, slightly flexible. Sauce made from shrimp, minced meat, add a little crispy pig skin and sweet and sour dishes holding water side. Here dirt cake is usually eaten with fried beef or pork plants small fragrant garlic.


Pizzas is like Vietnam but the price is only about 10,000 to 15,000 VND / female, baked roll easily become a cheap and snacks extremely familiar appropriate year-round mild weather of the land mountain city, making a simple dish that has become a special attachment. Hot cakes not only help dispel the cold of the […]


Made from lean pork chop to grind and swing a wand, cooked, ate with small crispy rice paper book, pickles and herbs, baked rolls into one dish not to be missed when traveling to Da Lat . The highlight is the sauce made from liver, shrimp, minced meat and beans form a very special mixture. […]

Nem crab

Crab spring is considered the typical dishes of the port city. Unlike traditional style on long rolls or in the south of Hanoi, Hai Phong crab spring rolls are wrapped square, so the square is also known as Nem. Human nem include fresh crab meat, lean shoulders, shrimp, mushrooms, eggs, spice marinated price … just […]

Shrimp Vermicelli

Shrimp noodle dishes as well as cuisine typical of Haiphong, which is a key raw material noodles and seafood (usually shrimp). Vermicelli noodles should be kind to, shrimp prawn or shrimp is fresh forensic, depending on taste that can add small ribs, pork leg. Vegetables eaten usually parsley, green cabbage, black mushrooms, mushrooms, dill, green […]

The crab cake

Crab cakes for common people as well as Hai Phong in Hanoi pho, bun bo Hue and Saigon noodles in it. No matter who are just mouth into hostage. Since the material is close and simple crab, pancakes, vegetables such as parsley, vegetable shy (withdrawal) of each other in a special way to make up […]